Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seattle Solo

One of the few touristy things I did in Seattle this round was tour Theo chocolate factory. It was some mighty fine chocolate and so many wonderful samples. It was as close to Willy Wonka as you can get.

Here is Lil' Sis modeling our hairnets in front of the mural of chocolate sourcing.

Here are the beans in the elevator, getting ready to be dumped into the roaster.

Ever wonder what you do with a theater degree to pay the bills between shows? Chocolate factory tour guide! He's spooning out the raw cocoa beans, also known as nibs.

They are bitter, like a pecan shell, but taste pretty good in a chocolate bar.

Sis snapped a pic of me mid nib chew and I think unflattering pictures belong on the internet.

We had a great time in the kitchen where we got to try a bunch of the expensive truffles. They make a caramelized onion one that tastes good, yet odd. They also have fun with molds, like this Han Solo one.

I loved the tower and facade on the church we went to.

We played shuffle board at Sis's apartment, because all swanky downtown apartment towers need shuffle boards.

One day we walked the two blocks to Pike Place Market and bought delicious food. Out of the ridiculous amount of amazing food consumed on this trip, the Beecher's grilled cheese was the only one photographed. The pho, the pastries, the Top Pot donuts, and the magnificent caramelized coconut meat with roasted pork from the Vietnamese place, will regretfully never make it to Instagram. At least until another hipster puts them there.

This really awkward selfie will have to do. I apparently need more practice, or to be born in the 90's to master this skill.

It was such a fun trip and I am so thankful to all the people who watched and ferried my kids so I could do spend some quality time with my sister!


Lindsey Layton said...

I think your selfie turned out great! I llughed out loud when you said unflattering pictures belong on the internet! Haha! I don't think that picture is too bad.

jeanene c said...

Love all the photos. Thankful for your supporters too!


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