Monday, January 7, 2013

The Phoenix Zoo

I don't think I've been to the Phoenix Zoo since I was a teenager. I remember it being hot, with lots of walking, and animals you couldn't even get a good look at. With J's new love of animals combined with glorious weather, we decided to accept a general facebook invite from our friend Laura.

Dude, the zoo is $20 a person. Now I know why we never went as a family and only experienced it on field trips. Thankfully Laura has a season pass so we were able to head in for free. My, how the zoo has changed! They had this monkey house where the monkeys run free under the supervision of attendants with squirt bottles. J was delighted.

The giraffes were rather close to us as well, but J was more interested in trying to join other families to steal their snacks.

She liked the baboons though.

 I liked the baby zebra. J pointed and said, "Horse."

She also made me sit and watch sleeping lions for 20 minutes. Every time I tried to move or say something she would say, "Shhhh! Kitty sleeping!" in a whisper. I think she was fascinated with the tail twitches but until her vocabulary improves we will have no idea. I didn't bother snapping any pictures because you can't see most animals in pictures without a killer zoom. I blame nature's camouflage.

All in all, a really fun little trip!


Marilyn said...

I'm glad you got in with a friend's zoo pass. That's the only way I go (so pricey). Some day I'll get a zoo pass and when I do I'll invite you to cone. The kids love it there!

Lianna said...

Too funny! Shh.. kitty sleeping. I love it! And, it's nice to know zoos use the same methods of control as Mom and Dad Quillen do with Riah - "Riah, off the carpet! :squirt:" "Monkey, off the small children! :squirt:" it is very effective.
unless you meant the monkeys had squirt bottles, which is even funnier in its own way.


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