Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas 2012

What? You don't post your Christmas morning posts in late January? Why not? It's what the cool kids are doing.

I'm still refining how I want Christmas to be in our house. You know, how many presents, what comes from Santa, presents on Christmas Eve,  does Santa come at all, etc. Last year we didn't get J anything. Terrible aren't we? I figured she had plenty of things and her grandparents and aunties had it all taken care of.

This year we kept it simple as well. Well sort of. We decided Christmas Eve was the best day for us to completely rearrange three rooms in our house to accommodate little brother. So about 8pm I'm almost in tears because you can't even see our Christmas tree because of all the mess and furniture. Thankfully my husband was able to calm me down and we got things cleaned up enough to satisfy my vision of Christmas morning

Her big present was this lovely wooden kitchen. My awesome mom found them for $5 a pop at the school district surplus sale and bought a set for all of her children. There is a fridge too but we are saving that for next Christmas. Seriously, they run for $200 if you call them vintage. So thanks Grandma for storing them in your attic until our kid was old enough to enjoy them. We also got her some pots and pans and a new puzzle. She likes to hand people the paper as she rips it off. Her own way of sharing her presents, since that is the only sharing she does willingly.

The kitchen was the biggest hit though.

Then we headed over to Madre Dos's house for her birthday brunch. Of course I didn't snap any pictures of our awesome presents because I was too busy loving them.  I did catch pictures these lovely people though.


Marilyn said...

The toy kitchen loos awesome! J must have been in heaven. Also, we're still working out our Christmas traditions too. I like things simple and Andrew can't give enough!

Aaron said...

I can't believe you forgot to mention that we found real eggs in there the next day. :)


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