Monday, January 14, 2013

Sealife aquarium

We found a groupon for the aquarium in Tempe and bought it since J loves her fishies something fierce. I was a little skeptical on how cool it could be since 1) it was attached to a mall and 2) it is in AZ.

Friends, I must give it high marks, particularly to the lighting designers. They used many different colors and created several different room environments. There were so many different ways they used to display the fish and interactive things on the walls.

There were cylinder shapes.

Half sphere shapes

Angled panels


"Where'd it go?"

Regular flat panels

A 360 degree tunnel that my lens wasn't built for photographing, but you could see underneath you and above you.

There was a circle shaped room that was really striking. The picture doesn't do it justice but imagine this all around you.

J's favorite (and mine too) were the tanks you could stand up inside.

Of course J is thrilled with anything that has fish.

Not a big fan of posing for pictures though

The price is a bit steep so the Groupon made it more palatable. It was just a few days before Christmas when we went and we were all of 5 families in the whole place so I just let J have free rein on where to go and how long to stay. It is probably around an hour of entertainment if you are not a big fish person, but J liked going back and forth through all the rooms multiple times so it was longer for us. You might not have that option if there is a crowd (very likely in the summer). There was a play place at the end with coloring tables and a Mcdonald's-like structure that extended our stay to 2,5 hrs. Overall, it was really well designed, J loved it, and we will probably go back next time a good deal pops up.

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jeanene c said...

She is so darling. I know that her strong opinions are hard right now, but one day you will be glad for her strong will. I was with you.


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