Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

So I looked up last year's resolutions and can't decide if I'm disappointed or not for some of them. I mean, is it a cop out when circumstances change? I don't know so you can weigh in if you like.


1) Reupholster the couch. Failed. I was already to do this one and scheduled it but then after three years of putting it off, I decided I didn't love the fabric I originally bought for it. So I'm not really bummed on this because it was a priority change, not a "didn't get around to it."

2) Finish the newberry award winners. Failed. I'm down to two: Daniel Boone and Waterless Mountain. Daniel Boone is out of print and is around $40 to buy a copy of so I'm stymied until someone makes a kindle version. Of course the library doesn't carry it. Then there is Waterless Mountain, again not carried by the library. So I don't feel TOO bad not making this one. I did make progress, although now I have a 2012 one to read. So if your grandma has a book collection, I will bake you some fabulous to borrow Daniel Boone.

3) Sell the furniture in my garage. DONE! Although now I have recently acquired my parents dining set and need to sell yet another table and chairs. My life seems to be two steps forward, one step back. Anyone in the market for a reasonably priced table and four chairs?

4) Plant some flowers, cyprus trees, and make the gazebo happen. DONE! Again, I changed my mind and chose an umbrella instead of a gazebo. That shouldn't count against me, especially when I did the others, right?

5) Run a marathon. DONE!

6) Paint the big canvas in my living room. DONE! Although now I put two more canvas up that need painting. Again, one step back.

7) Make a linoleum block print. FAIL. Just plain didn't do it. Acrylic was this year's medium.

8) Go on ten new hikes and at least one camping trip. Failed. I think. I didn't keep track. I'm pretty sure we went on about 10 hikes, but maybe 3 of them were new trails. We did two camping trips though, with a kid, so that should count for something.

9) Visit a new museum. DONE! I'm a little proud of blowing this one out of the water. We visited a bunch, plus two new aquariums.

10) Write in my real journal once a month. DONE! The monthly goal list made this happen because I was shooting for once a week so when I failed that, I still made the once a month. Wahoo!

60% of my goals means I still passed, right? I sure hated all of those teacher trainings on achievement, but all that practice making measurable goals has had some fringe benefits.


1) Finish the cap around the fountain wall in the backyard. It is seriously an afternoon project that I haven't done for oh, 7 months.

2) Finish remodeling our masterbath. It's amazing how few days it takes for destruction to become the normal state of things and thus easily ignored. I ripped out the floor tile yesterday and the plain concrete hasn't even bothered me. Unfortunately, if it doesn't actively bother you, it can get pushed off.

3) Give birth to a healthy baby boy and survive the six months after. Maybe I should choose something different since this isn't really a goal, but considering the majority of my year will be in pursuit of this one task, I want to feel like I can check at least something off next year.

4) Have once Saturday a month without an activity scheduled. This one may not happen because of various commitments, but I still want to shoot for it. The overall goal is to have more unscheduled time. I've found it is harder to randomly help people out when I have something scheduled every day. Having to rush to be places takes a toll on my psyche. I swear I only have creative energy on a Saturday afternoon after the house is clean. Projects aren't just about time, but about energy. Art requires a mental energy I can't always muster after J has gone to bed.

5) Potty train J. I never knew a BM could be so exciting until J did it on the big potty. Yep, that is my life now. Although since the new babe is coming, I think August sounds like a great month to ditch diapers. Until then we will continue what I call Potty Exploration. But since I'm not in direct control of this whole process, I should probably leave it off the goal list.

6) Finish my paper crane installation. 586 and counting.

7) Do yoga twice a month. For such a convert to yoga, you would think I'd make more time for it.

8) Update the scrapbook to 2011 (at least). If I don't get it done now, it may never get done. Let's hope 2012 gets done too.

9) Make 30 freezer meals. I just got a new cookbook from a thoughtful friend so I can probably make this happen. Planning meals ahead is not my strong suit so this seems like a happy way to combine "cook more real dinners" and "prepare for the baby"

10) Go on a trip somewhere new. I'm thinking it is time to visit some little AZ towns. Bisbee? Jerome? I'm open to ideas. Of course I've never been to the Caribbean either...

So that's mine for the year. I love to read about others' goals but that may just be me. You all should tell me a couple of yours in the comments!

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jeanene c said...

Get to Spain and not die of nerves about being in charge of so many Elders' health.


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