Thursday, December 13, 2012

I think my daughter has been listening to too much Ke$ha.

She was mixing up some eggnog and milk, then decided to brush her teeth with it.

*for those not pop culture inclined, Ke$ha is a singer who brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack in this song.  (I was going to link to Tik Tock, but it is really a terrible song with what I now know is an even worse video. Surprising considering her tour's name was Get Sleazy. I just threw up in my mouth learning that. Which probably tastes as good as brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels)


Angela said...

This blog post is brought to you by GARMIN.

GARMIN. We'll Take You There.

jeanene c said...

Her imagination is super creative.

Marilyn said...

Awesome! Wish I thought of that first!

shamers said...

thank you for the kesha explanation. i am proud to not know a single beat from a single one of her songs... er, singles. ha!


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