Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Box

As you might remember from this post, J loves herself a good box. Amazon was so good as to furnish us with a rather large one and it has become a fixture in my living room much to my displeasure. The ugly is a small price to pay for the fun. Two weeks ago her daddy was pushing her around in it like a car and became tired of the game before she did. After he said he was done, she asked for a hug, her standard way of getting lifted up and out of things. After the hug, she gives him a kiss, sits back down in the box and says, "More."

Manipulative little darling.

Somehow last week she was able to coax this heart warming cuteness.


Katie said...

The box is often even more fun than what comes in it around here.

jeanene c said...

I just know she read The Manual before she came to earth cause she sure knows how things work here.


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