Wednesday, December 5, 2012


You can curse pinterest for this little gem.

 Donut hole dipped in frosting or nutella, rolled in sprinkles, with a pretzel in the center. This deal was actually positive on the work-to-effect ratio. 15 minutes for about 40 for the husband to take to work for his presentation so I could be that wife. We hate her and want to be her. Pinterest makes it possible.


Kelly said...

We made those last year and thought they tasted gross. But I guess after you let them sit out for a while for cuteness factor they're kinda stale... They ate so cute though!!!

Marilyn said...

Now that is pretty cool! I'm finding myself thinking up excuses to make some.

jeanene c said...


Alicia W said...

They seemed very doable. I'm glad the work:cute ration was in your favor. Did you use milk?


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