Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seattle 2012

Now that triple digits have settled upon us here in good old AZ, I'm pining away even more for the lovely state of Washington. I'm finally getting around to posting these pics from when J and I went up in March. J LOVES coats almost as much as Lil' Sis loves buying them for here. Check out her modeling skills.

Then we entertained ourselves by sticking nerf darts to J

Since we did all the touristy things last trip, we just hung out and watched Korean dramas on netflix mostly because J gave us all pink eye. I am now hooked on K-dramas. They are amazing! Super funny. I recommend Boys Over Flowers and Lie to Me.

Then we worked on some of the sites from the Goodnight Seattle book we got last trip since is a bedtime favorite and I have the darn thing memorized. I couldn't help but laugh how accurate the pictures were at Gasworks park.


Katie said...

She sure lives in a pretty place.

Elena said...

I forgot about the nerf gun darts :) I really hope this trip is better than the last one.

Alicia W said...

Elena and Aaron are such a cute couple. Have fun. Maybe I need to go too. This heat is killer.


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