Monday, June 18, 2012

Kdrama-Rama: Words You Should Know

As you embark on your quest through Kdrama's a few words pop up in the subtitles you may find confusing at first. To assist you, I'm going to share the results of my Korean immersion and various google searches.

Noona: This means older sister. It is a term only used by boys referring to a blood older sister or a female he has a sister like relationship with. It is very informal. Sort of like Sissy.

Unni: This means older sister but is only used by girls. Same relationship as Noona, but the girl form. I've seen it spell oonie too.

Hyung: This means older brother and can only be used by boys. Again, it doesn't have to be a blood relative but still means you are very close.

Oppa: This one gets a little tricky. It is the older brother term for girls to say. It is also what you call a boyfriend. Little girls can call their big brother oppa, but after around 12 years old, you use it to refer to your boyfriend.

Aigoo: This is a fun term and fits in lots of different contexts. It is like Golly or Gosh. Like, "Aigoo! This place is a mess!" or "Aigoo, your mother is dying of cancer but if you donate your bone marrow your secret identity will be revealed." Or if your friend comes out in a ridiculous looking dress you can respond with "Aigoo."

Aiish: There is a little debate on whether or not this is a curse word. It depends on the context. It isn't like the F word which is always bad . It seems similar to "Ah crap" or D*mn. If someone is angry, it is a swear word of sorts.  It is sometimes a sigh of exasperation. I didn't even think of it as an actual word, more of just a sound/expression. Like going "ppfff" out of the corner of your mouth when you can't believe what someone did. Little sister looked it up though and found it to be a little more complex. Mostly it is used in anger or frustration.

All of the kdramas inspired a table change for our take out. And some inspiration for our poses.

This heart pose is straight out of My Princess


Alicia W said...

I've been crying, I'm a mess. This emotional roller coaster cant be good or my heaelth. But I just have to see what happens. Why oh why did you do this to me?! And now I need sushi, and Chinese take out as a result of this post. Arg!

jeanene c said...

I love the photos of my kids, though I don't dare start these dramas. I would so get adicted.

Dallin said...

Sorry for being a blog creeper and stuff...

But the Asian poses? Yeah, 100% legit and what they actually do.


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