Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Trot

I first learned about the turkey trot in jr high, when Whitney Rudd wore the tshirt in P.E. after thanksgiving break. When she explained it was a 6 mile run. For fun. On Thanksgiving. I thought she was a flipping lunatic since I thought hell was running 1 mile.

Naturally, my adult self wanted to be that lunatic. Of course, I never really grew out of junior high so I needed someone to come with me. My dear sissy obliged, even though she ran a half marathon two weeks ago. Lunatics, I tell ya. 

Showing our buffness

Noticing the awesome, well deserved pit stains

 I had never ran that far, even in training, so I was pleased I didn't walk at all.  I was expecting some sort of race day magic so I was a little bummed when I ran it at my typical pace. At least I earned my thanksgiving dinner though :)


Lauren said...

Love it. Looks like fun. I've only read about Turkey Trot from blogs and since I want to be a cool blogger, it's been on my bucket list for a few years now too. Maybe some day I won't be pregnant/just had a baby on Thanksgiving/living 2,000 miles from Mesa.

.carly.turley. said...

Whitney Rudd is my cousin!! That is hilarious! Saw you at the run--My sister drags me there every year and every year I dread it. Then I am glad I did it. Glad you had fun! Now you can wear your shirt around proudly!

Elena said...

Jealous. Maybe next year I'll come down for Thanksgiving and do it with you guys.


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