Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Recap

Here's what Halloween looked like at our house

"I am your father"

When I told my friend Brian I was going to be Leia, he asked Episode 4 or Episode 6 :)

Oh, and crocheting buns looks similar to crocheting a really impressive excrement.


Erin said...

I totally might have to borrow parts of your costumes sometime- or not be lazy and actually learn how to crochet. I really want to have the twins be Luke and Leia since well- they're twins. So I found a cheap target Darth Vader for $5 after Halloween last year- Charlotte would make a darling Yoda. So cute and crafty as always!

Erin said...

PS- if you ever need an impressive cow plop for a play, party decoration etc you'll be set. I'm sure those opportunities come up all the time. (You can hear the sarcasm right?)

Elena said...

Impressive pumpkin carvings.

ACW said...

I don't think having a few gorgeous crochet cow pies is a bad idea. But that might be because I'm a junior high prankster at heart. And I actually believe that Erin might be right. You can find a way to decorate with cow pies.


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