Monday, November 14, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

The weather has broken and I am happy. I bought a fuscia pea coat for J and the mornings are cold enough for her to wear it. And the adorable mittens I just finished crocheting :) I'm pretty sure there is nothing cuter. Well maybe, her black and white tweed pea coat.

Once, my sister-in-law and I had a discussion on how much we dislike the summers here and all of our favorite things were winter-ish. I have decided to share with the desert rats why I find the risks of driving in snow preferable the risks of heat exhaustion.

A List of Things I Love About Cold Weather

a.k.a. The Absence of These Things Makes Me Perpetually Annoyed May Through October

1) Pea coats (I have every color of the rainbow except green. It's out there somewhere, calling to me)
2) Soup (in bread bowls. Just not the same in the summer time)
3) Matching scarves and mittens
4) Snowboarding
5) Tea (new fav, Bengal Spice. Guilt-free Chai. Add milk and honey and it will rock your world)
6) Knitting and crocheting  they are traditionally known as cold weather activities)
7) Hot Chocolate
8) How often strangers help each other, especially when cars have trouble in the snow.
9) Snow cream
10) Snow Days
11) Jacuzzi's
12) Sweaters
13) Tall boots
14) The feeling you get when you are running and the weather is cold but you are warm.
15) How quiet everything is after it snows
16) Everyone is perpetually late, not just me
17) Sweat pants
18) Fuzzy slippers
19) Hot showers and warm towels
20) Snuggling under warm blankets


Nikki said...

Oh! Yes! Winter does come with wonderful things. I definitely needed the reminder!

MCS said...

I completely agree! Winter has grown on me (as has Utah). I'd ten times rather do a Utah winter than an Arizona summer, and I thought I'd never say that.

Erin said...

amen! I miss Flagstaff so much- but I never had to drive in the snow much since I didn't have a car. I miss the fall colors and the rain everyday in the fall... but I'm really trying to have a better attitude about living in hades- I mean Mesa. I'll have to do a post on things I've learned to like about living here. Reminds me of my country mouse city mouse post...

Merkley Jiating said...

I HATE WINTER. I hate snow. I hate the cold. I hate the coats. I hate the bundling. I hate the cars breaking down. I hate slipping. I hate shoveling snow. I hate walking to the mailbox through snow. I hate snowball fights. I hate it all. Kind of grinchy. New York ruined me.

Aaron said...

You would love Seattle right now. It's getting COLD!!!!

Marilyn said...

You're list is getting me really excited for my trip to England. I get all of that for two weeks!


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