Tuesday, November 1, 2011

State Fair

I'm a wee bit behind so you may not be seeing our awesome halloween costumes until later this week or next. But last week had some fun adventures. We went to the state fair and this year I was not diabetic so we consumed massive amounts of fried food. We tried deep fried oreos, reeses, cookie dough, and snickers and came to the conclusion that Reese's was the best. Unfortunately, we did not take pictures of any of it. I know you are disappointed. Everyone loves seeing pictures of fried food. Next year, next year.

My Madre Dos got us all in free with clothing donations so it was a Anderson bonanza! My bro in law took the older boys on some wild rides.

Me and my sis-in-law took the younger folk to Tot Land where we rode cars

very proud driver

I nervous for her license already
 Then we played with giant legos

 And ate some hay in the mini maze

She sat for 10 minutes pulling hay out

Suspected she is allergic to hay shortly after she got red dots all over

 Then we went into the butterfly garden.

There is the cocoon. When sorting pics, I first thought I took a picture of some dude's belly

Trying to pet a butterfly

So we went to the petting zoo where she could pet things, like llamas, goats, and itty bitty pigs

He seriously posed for me

The goats floated to her formula tasting fingers. On lookers were amazed and strangers took their pictures

She kindly inspected their mouths for them

All of these animal pictures were taken as I held her hand (She insists on walking everywhere). Tricky business one handed photography.

Then the Wallaby came to say hello


Elena said...

That is so fun! And props on the one handed photography.

ACW said...

Great pictures! And I didn't notice it was a guy's belly until you said something. I'm glad you're not a creeper and it was actually a cocoon.


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