Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Steal: Ugly cardigan

I love me some ugly awesome thrift store finds. I normally beeline it to the furniture and home goods section in thrift stores because I have issues paying $6 for a shirt someone else has worn. That is my typical price for new items because I'm so cheap and having an on going love affair with Ross. And all the faded junk intimidates me too much to hunt for the jewels. However on this last excursion, I had the bambino and it made me stop in the children's section for the first time. I found this gem in the newborn section. AND it was the appropriate color tag so it was half off $3!

Just ugly enough to break the two pattern rule


Anonymous said...

Love the colours! Can't beat a deal on a cardigan that cute!

Lindy xxx

I Heart Monster said...

SO cute. Great steal!

Camille said...

I wish I could fit into newborn clothes.

: )

Thanks for participating! Great steal.


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