Saturday, March 26, 2011

Def: Cruelty

cru·el·ty  (krl-t)
n. pl. cru·el·ties
1. The quality or condition of being cruel.
2. Something, such as a cruel act or remark, that causes pain or suffering.
3. Law The infliction of physicWhen baby staral or mental distress, especially when considered a determinant in granting a divorce

4. When your baby is finally sleeping through most of the night, but you have consistent insomnia 
5. When you finally fall asleep at 2am only to wake up puking at 4am.

P.S. Nursing is dehydrating on it's own. And even worse when you can't even handle ice chips. And did I mention my baby doesn't take a bottle? Or a pacifier? Or a regular nap? Thankfully my mom took her so my sweetie can give me gatorade while I watch my stomach do a most remarkable twitching that Shakira would be jealous of. 


ACW said...

I just don't know how Shakira does it! My belly was an animal of its own last night. I hope you get over yours as fast as I got over mine. And FREAKING INSOMNIA! ARG! God is either trying to teach you how to live life as a crazy person, or it's time for payback. You're going to keep me awake, body? Well, I'm going to put you to work. Ha! Take that!

Lauren said...

:( That is cruel. I'm sorry. Glad you have your momma close enough to help. But ugh that sounds terrible. Sorry!

Merkley Jiating said...

Ouch. But congrats of your baby sleeping through "most of the night!"

Katie said...

The good news is that your sickness and lack of sleep has not affected your wit or great writing style! But, seriously, I hope you're feeling better and that you get some sleep!


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