Monday, February 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap and Ideas

My husband and I have a different take on Valentine's Day. We trade off who is in charge each year. Not entirely sure how it started. Probably in my more feminist college days with a "I don't need a man to get me chocolate and flowers." I rather enjoy it though because I get a surprise one year and the next yearvthe anticipation of a giving without any worry of disappointment. It eliminates the feeling when you go all out for someone's gift and they don't do anything to reciprocate. Or when someone goes all out for you and you feel bad because you didn't do much for them. I'm sure you've been there. It must be fairly universal because there is a really funny Big Bang Theory about it involving the appropriate size of gift basket.

Anyways, this was my year to be in charge. I'm going to post what I did so 1) we can remember whose turn it is next year and 2) so you can steal the ideas because most of it came from various internet inspiration. They are fun for non valentine's day occasions too. Share the love.

Idea #1
I used blue painters tape to mark a path to the first gift, the new trash can. Trashcans are so romantic I know (there is a bit of an inside joke about it so it really is more fun than it seems). Then it had clues leading to other areas of the house that either had another small present or some service done. After I made a nice steak dinner so we could play with the baked potato grill rack I gave him. I have concluded that following a bright blue line from the door makes everything more fun.

Idea #2
Two years ago I made John a giant valentine. You bring in a sheet of paper or a file to Kinkos (now fedex) and they will enlarge it to this size for $5. Only if it is black and white though. Otherwise it is $5/sqft. I made one this year for my sister that said "I love you more than 8 1/2 by 11." The smaller you can fold it, the more fun it is to open. I've found folding it like a map works better than trying to fold it in half several times. John still has his hanging up in the command center.

Idea #3

Michael's had 12 mini cards and envelopes on sale for $1 so I wrote down something I loved about my sister in each one and decorated her stairwell.

Idea #4

I made a bunch of origami hearts with my activity day girls that you can write a message in. It works perfect with 12x12 scrapbook paper cut in half. And with a dollar bill. Instructions here.

Idea #5

Ok I have an obsession with paper. Especially practical origami. I think it comes from a subconscious wish to be Asian. My current obsession is with origami boxes. These are significantly more difficult than the hearts. I only have a picture of one that didn't turn out pretty enough to give away. Scrapbook paper is the perfect size and weight for these boxes. Striped paper looks really good if you are anal about the folding. I made a bunch of these and filled them with Reese's hearts. A card and mylar balloon made them perfect for my single gals who pretty much hate February. Since I can't seem to stop making them, I filled them with my homemade girl scout cookies for my visiting teaching ladies this month (you know I will be blogging about the wonder that is a homemade girl scout cookie, but that is for later). Here is the youtube video on how to make them. I watched it waaaay too many times. Plan on throwing away the first one you make.

Idea #6

On off years, I still like to do a little something for John. Last year I made the plum oven puffed pancake for breakfast that officially changed our lives. It was in my fav magazine of all time and you can find the recipe here. The page before it on the link shows the recipe flow chart that they have in every issue. I'm working my way through all of them since being a SAHM has increased my interest in cooking.

Idea #7

I told John that I wanted a little love note this year, even though it was my year. I said it didn't need to be big, just a post it somewhere fun. What he did would have been big enough for his turn. I found love notes hidden all over the house.

My favorite was how he set up the mirror in my bathroom.

Idea #8

My buddy Brian needed a little pick me up so we letter bombed him. When my aunt first told me she wanted to letter bomb her missionary, I thought she was talking about a felony. It is actually when you have a bunch of people write a letter (or in Brian's case, a list of what you love about him) and mail them all on the same day. The result is a mailbox full of happiness. My sister did a variation of it for me last Vday and it made me cry. We had fun out of printer paper so I printed all the letters for Brian on the misfits from an alphabet project I had. Unfortunately, I have come to find out my recycling gave the appearance of secret message. Oops. A fun twist though. Maybe a fun way to ask to a dance? There are lots of possibilities. Even just mailing a note to your spouse could be $0.44 of fun.

That's all for now. If you need a little pick me up, try one of them out this week!


Erin said...

I told my husband we should start switching off planning Valentines and anniversaries. He liked the idea of not having to worry about gifts!

Elena said...

That is super fun! I have started making hand crafted valentines for Aaron, they are in the "preschool" style which is kinda more fun because it's silly. Love your ideas though sis, great job!


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