Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 month flag on Babies vs Zombies: Survival Mode on Endless

So I forgot to post that Erin and Lauren correctly guessed baby J's bday!  The only problem is that I can't decide what the prize should be. So readers, give me some inspiration.What would be something fun I can make for their prizes? Who knows, your idea might make it into a future giveaway that you could win! Of course Erin and Lauren, you are welcome to add a suggestion as well :)

And for all those who have kids and the numbers actually have context, here are her 2 month stats:

Weight: 10lbs 4 oz
Head: 15.25in
Height (or length rather): 23in

Pretty much average all the way around, but a little lighter than norm. Although the doc assured me she is brilliant despite average head circumference :)

But I'm pretty sure she can get by just on these looks.

Then again, maybe she should still work hard in school...


Braden said...

Awesome, awesome title.

Erin said...

I'm should start charging expectant moms to guess when their baby will come. I've won quite a few times. I even guessed my nephew's gender (it was a surprise), day, and closest time and weight.

(Here's where I feel bad and pretend I don't want a prize) Until you can title a post without words like "zombie" and "survival mode" I expect no prize. Or ever for that matter. I always love the cool crafty stuff you make but sleep is much more important at the 2 month stage.

(Here's where I give shameless suggestions for crafts that I would love to see you make!) Unless you need a creative outlet... I've been looking into making a big letter "A" and "O" with a ampersand to put in the twins' room. Something painted or modge podge paper with some cool accents might be fun... I'm up for a surprise. I will admit just thinking of what you'll come up with gets me excited.
-I can't believe how much older baby J looks. Way cute bow too!

ACW said...

Is something wrong with me that I love the funky faces best? I just love them! And I think you should do something like you have in your bathroom with wood and paper letters modge-podged to it. Easy and SO cool!

Elena said...

I just laughed out loud. I mean it's no down syndrome but it's still pretty awesome :)


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