Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There is an end in sight

Baby J is scheduled for a birthday at 9:00pm Dec 17th :) We'll see if she'll decide to wait that long.

Sorry for all those who bet for later dates!

(I am typically against belly shots, especially the cheesy ones like the belly heart, but what started as a joke during our Xmas card shoot ended up surprisingly pretty)


Julianne said...

In that case, I'm making a new guess. December 14th in the morning. Hurray for Anderbaby!

Geevz said...

No changing guesses! :)

Katie said...

Cute, cute pictures! Can't wait to see some of her on the outside!

Jami said...

awww, are you naming baby j, after your dear friend Jami? Your look amazing! What fun shots. You think it is cheesie now...but when you are done being pregnant, and you have lost all that fun baby weight. You will look back and be glad you got them. I also think that someday when I am 80 I will enjoy looking at them

Erin said...

I love these shots. They're only cheesy until you are the one having the kid. Are you having a c-section or getting induced? Either way I'm pretty sure that's the date I picked! So go baby J!


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