Thursday, December 2, 2010

That time the husband was finishing his grad school class and I couldn't play plantsvszombies

So I spent way too much time on the internet and started posting easy posts on the blog daily, because the cool posts are too much work.

Mi madre collects nativity scenes from all over the world, but she hasn't done one like this.

I found it via my old jr high facebook friend with whom I rarely interact but still find hilarious, who linked to Blame It On the Voices. (considering the giveaway post, the URL is that much funnier)


jeanene said...

I love it!!! Reminds me of the one you and Elena made out of Christmas cookies when we were in Flag.

Jackijo said...

What does it look like cooked? And is that a bed of rice?

ACW said...

That's amazing. Are you making one for Mom? Hahahaha.


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