Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ada is not part of the family.

She is my jogging buddy, my entertainment, my vacuuming motivation, and my composter, but not my surrogate child. She is not in our Christmas card, nor does she have her own scrapbook. But since I still love her, she does get a blog post.

And since I upgraded to a fancy pants new camera, she has also taken on the job as my primary photography subject.

She can pick her nose with her tongueShe rocks at frisbee. Unfortunately, she will only let go of the frisbee if another one has started flying. She chooses to hold onto the frisbee, even if offered steak bits when commanded to "give." So we always take two frisbees.

She will dead on sprint for 30minutes or more before contemplating a break.She also defends us from new holiday decorations by growling at them until she gets the courage to give them a good sniff. She'll hop in the car with any dog-rescuing snowbird, but she's ready to attack plastic bags and stuffed mice.

I think the snowbirds may be rubbing off on her, because now she loves to sit on a bench and ponder the rain.


Lauren said...

I love you attitude about your dog. Your blog cracks me up.

ACW said...

Great photos. And we love Aida, too.

Jackijo said...

Great pictures! Especially the frisby jump!

Erin said...

I'm glad to find someone else you likes dogs- but doesn't consider them to be humans! I think there are so many people who get a dog, then 2, then 3... because what they really want is a kid.


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