Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #52

Students should not be allowed opinions in the naming of a child.

"If you have your baby on Christmas, you should name it Jesus."

And I'm sorry for breaching my student anonymity a bit but this student's name is Jesus (as in "hey zeus")


afton said...

i've actually thought about this alot. there are millions upon millions of latin Jesuses (i don't know how to make that plural) out there but try to think of just one white caucasian kid who is named Jesus and it is actually pronounced Gee-sus. no one, we just wouldn't do that.

MCS said...

And if it's born on my birthday in six months, you should name it after me. You're willing to do fifteen months, right?

RatalieNose said...

Laughed out loud.

Theres a kid at Westwood named hey zues but he makes everyone call him Jesus.


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