Sunday, October 24, 2010

New York, Neeeww Yoooooooork *must be sung*

As it happens, I DO love New York in the fall! Two days after we went to Balloon Fiesta, we hopped on the plane to New York. Ends up flying was easier than the car ride because I could stretch out in an aisle and pee at any given moment. Both doable at 31 weeks, however, I have decided that I will be keeping my adventures to those with minimal travel time. And stairs. Stupid subway entrances are now worse than a triathlon.

Anyways, here is a pictorial representation. With lots of belly shots this time. It's getting hard to have anything without the big belly these days.

My best friend from 8th grade, the famed Pëtra (wow I still remember that it's alt 0235 for the ë, well my fingers do) is living the dream in Manhattan and we celebrated her bday in this super swanky restaurant that I wanted to take pictures of because it was so Manhattan . My green sweatshirt was definitely out of place in the coat check :)

30 Rock anyone?
Top of the Rock(efellar center)
Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)
FAO Shwartz, biggest toy store in the world, next to the Apple store, biggest toy store in the world (yes you take an elevator down into it)
Empire State BuildingLong exposure at sunset
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (totally worth going up into the pedestal for the "making of" museum)
Natural History MuseumWe saw Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes (Just Jack from Will and Grace), Molly Shannon, and every other week except when we went Kristen Chenoweth. Fun show, go see it)
Metropolitan Museum of Art
And a little Central Park.


Jerry said...

Looks like you had fun. I liked the pictures. Thanks.

ACW said...

Dude! These pictures are magical! I can't believe how much you saw in such a little time. You rock, sis!

Camille Elise said...

Oober jealous of all the sight seeing you did!!!! It looks like it was soo fun! Glad you got to go before little one makes it's appearance. :)

Jackijo said...

Great belly shots! You can tell the dear little J (when she is 16)that she already has been in New York!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Great photos! :) P-Diddy here. Did I mention how fabulously wonderful it was to see you? :)


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