Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Science Teacher Rule #52

Rain to desert dwelling children is the equivalent of a sugar rush.

A microburst during lunch hour is the equivalent of a hit of methamphetamine.

There is an accompanying deterioration of physical appearance, screaming, inability to focus, jitters, munchies, and the restating obvious facts.

"It's raining!"


RatalieNose said...

So true!!! Today in choir....well lets just say we got less done than we usually do...and that is a statement.

jeanene said...

If I could just keep from joining them. I sweep the patio just to have a respectable reason for playing in the rain.

Joseph Quillen said...

lol. Thats what you get for living in the desert.

Jackijo said...

I am on the side of the kids in this case. Desert rainstorms, especially the wild violent male monsoon ones we get at the end of a muggy summer day are the equivalent of attending a loud, wild rock concert. You gotta be as near the front as possible, it's better to be outside, and you can't sit still.

Sorry, but I know there is a science lesson in there somewhere.

Camille Elise said...

OH ya, i totally experienced this the other day too. I thought the world was going to implode judging by the kids reactions to the rain. It was hilarious how crazy they were all getting.

Merkley Jiating said...

I love the rain and I think it is because of how awesome the monsoons are in Arizona. Sorry your students were distracted. But I'm not really that sorry because you were probably the same when you were younger? Maybe?

shamers said...

I learned this in 3rd grade. It started to rain and the teacher opened the door so we could all see and hear it. The door right next to the pencil sharpener. The boy next to me said, "Watch, everyone's going to go sharpen their pencil." Sure enough, one by one all 25 kids in the class walked over to the door and stuck their pencils in the sharpener... and stared out the door the whole time. It's a miracle every time.

Like my grandma used to tell my uncle: "Son, this is rain. Watch it closely; you may never see it again."


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