Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy 1st Bday M3!

Poor 3rd child. I was a little beat after sister weekend so you didn't get a grand party. But the Duncombs came over and Lil Sis's family to celebrate and you got to cake smash a large corner of Costco cake M insisted on getting. 

But I did make you a custom onesie because I love you and I was helping Vicki make one for her son. AND I took pictures of you with my fancy camera and did a little photo shoot. That totally counts. 

You still weren't walking at the beginning of June but now you are walking like a cowboy everywhere. You always smile with that tongue out, probably because you are teething often. Just those bottom teeth for so long, even then they took almost 8 months to come through, then BOOM! Grumpy, feverish, and three new teeth in three days. You are the sweetest little guy and weigh about 25 pounds so it's getting harder and harder to babywear you on adventures. You have had three haircuts already when your siblings barely had any hair at this point. Your brown eyes get so many comments because they are so dark on such a fair face. And probably because you will meet people's eyes. You love people. No stranger danger, no crying when I drop you off at kids care. You love your sister and she likes to jump in your crib to entertain you most mornings. You even say Ay-yah when you are referring to her. Sometimes you yell Mam repeatedly to summon me. But mostly you babble in fun phrases that very clearly have tone and meaning. 

We love you to the moon and back darling!

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