Friday, June 19, 2015

Maidename cousins

We had so much fun having the cousins hang out with us for the weekend. We had some fabulous dance parties. Call Me Maybe is a crowd favorite. We sort of pulled into the garage like this, music blaring, and hung out while the song finished. Husband came in quick confused :)

After hanging out at Big Sis's and swimming in her giant water slide bounce house thing, we had lots of wet swimsuits. All of them on the clothes line made me happy.

We had a fire and made smores. The kids hunted the yard for things to throw in the fire. While this looks like a sweet gesture from my son, he's really asking to burn it.

 They made a little fort out of our slide.

I will tell you that six kids is MUCH easier with two adults. Husband was so good at monitoring the fire and helping with the marshmallows.

Everyone liked the messy treat.

There are seriously the best behaved kids.


jeanene c said...

Yes they are and you are a rock star to have the whole crew!!!

Elena said...

M looks like a hipster in the flower pic :)


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