Monday, June 1, 2015


So MorMor was in the hospital and Madre Dos had to head to Las Vegas to make arrangements for her new care situation. That sounded like a rough assignment, one that would be more fun with grandkids to distract, so I decided to take the kids on an impromptu road trip to come with. Madre Dos wasn't sure how many days she'd have to stay so I took my own car. I packed the kids stuff, mine, entertainment, snacks, showered and got the kids ready all in an hour and half. I'm rather proud of that. 

I'm also proud of how great the kids were on both drives. They had been a little starved for screen time so as long as a DVD was rolling, they were fabulous. A treat at every gas station and they were pretty much angels.

On the way up we met up with Madre Dos in a little ghost/mining town/ artist community called Chloride. Husband's aunt grew up there and her father painted these giant murals there in the 70's. He repainted them sort of recently 

J took this shot.

The little diner we ate at had this little rocking chair that M thought fit him perfectly.

He also was allowed to ride the stuffed horse.

Sure I paid for a salad that was straight from the cellophane bag, covered in Kraft Italian, and the kids ate exactly one bite of the $7 corndog plate, but it was a fun little place all the same.

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Nerdy April said...

Wow, I don't even have kids and I would be anxious about jumping into a road trip within 2 hours!! I need to channel some of your free spirit!! And those murals are absolutely incredible!


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