Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Maidename Cousins Day 2

Guys, June completely disappeared on me. Gone. Poof! I taught 30 classes in 30 days (which I'm kind of proud of so I've probably already told most of you). So in a "I should really write a blog post. I'll just clean out my phone" moment I discovered the 2nd half of the Maidename cousins sleep over.

We started the day out practicing some yoga

Then we headed to the park before it became disgustingly hot. This angel was happy camped out in this swing the entire time.

We sort of made one cousin a little sick on the new version of a tire swing.

M became the king of the slide

We also sat and watched the ducks and geese.

The merry-go-round was a crowd favorite.

 This kid climbed all the the up there on her own. I didn't help her at all

 This is my favorite picture

Then we headed to Big Sis's house for a "feast" her daughter requested after seeing pictures on a cruise. Natalia was coming home from camp so we did it for her, hence the N carved into the watermelon.

Big Sis nailed it with this delicious cake.

Then the whole crowd played away on the waterslide.

We had so much fun hosting them and can't wait to do it again!

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jeanene c said...

Wow!!! you are all so impressive!!! The feast really was cruise worthy and so many photos of happy children! A triumph!!!


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