Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baby in a Basket

Yep, she actually fell asleep like this. She takes maybe one nap a week and pretending to be a puppy in a kennel led to this little situation.

I've been really trying to convince her to call it a kennel instead of a cage. I know that she is going to tell someone that mommy let her sleep in her cage and that will just lead to an awkward conversation.


Daniel Quillen said...

A year or two ago, referring to his crib, Eli told Katie he slept in a cage...poor little animals!

jeanene c said...

Have you heard of play pens? We Moms resorted to them before TV became the ultimate distraction. They looked like cages too!

Katie said...

Hey, I say anywhere they want to take a nap is a great place, cage or not.


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