Monday, April 21, 2014

Mesa I.D.E.A. Museum

Arizona Museum for Youth, the one from here, had a rebranding and has some fun new exhibits, most of which are not photographed because two kids means fewer pictures.

I bought a groupon for 4 so our friend Ella played hooky from kindergarten came with her mom. M enjoyed free rein in the infant area. I thought my busy man would explore the whole space, but he was content to sit an workout the various discovery tubes in a 1 foot radius around him.

I liked the puppet show the girls gave us.

I always admire exhibits that engage infants to adults and all the ages in between. This one definitely did.

J showed off some impressive tower building skills.

They had a super cool black lit camping room, complete with tents, a fishing hole, and magnetic fishing rods.

Unfortunately most of the pictures looked something like this.

I call this abstract work Toddler in Motion.

J loved the mural of "La La Luna!" She never passes an opportunity to point out Luna when she sees it.

They had about a dozen different little craft projects to do. Ella is modeling her astronaut helmet.

They had all kinds of fun dress ups with a prop video camera to "make" a movie.

There was a TV on the wall showing them on their alien world.

It's a fun museum and just the right size. We will probably take advantage of their airconditioning and go again this summer.

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jeanene c said...

Such opportunities your darling kids get to experience these enriching activities? So impressed!


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