Monday, May 11, 2015

Cell phone photo dump

In no particular order we have 

 the artistry of brownie batter licking

Cooperative doctor's appointments with M's friend Samantha

I am the sausage vegetarian

I was doing this online art class on line drawing and J decided to do some with me. I was impressed at how well she followed the class. The first are mine, but you can see she held her own and you can recognize the same shapes in hers.

 Some friends invited her to Disney on Ice again, but this show had different characters and a lot more Ariel. She came home, dressed up in her costume, and put on a show for me several times. I even had to hold her souvenir cup.

J was on her bike with her helmet for this walk, so M had to wear a hat while driving his car. Makes sense to me!

This kid also found a permanent marker I didn't even know we had in the back of the junk drawer. This is the price I paid for 5 minutes more sleep.

I finally finished my 1000 paper cranes! I'm almost half way down with the art piece I'm doing.

M has figured out how to turn on the bathroom faucet. My water bill will probably reflect that.

Seriously, these two are best buds. They just chill out like this.

I got a lasik touch up on one eye that never quite got as clear as I wanted. I also colored the bottom half of my hair purple. It's surprisingly subtle and most people don't notice it for awhile.

Since my eye doc is right next to the science center we stopped by for a bit after my follow up appointment. The kids didn't destroy anything so they earned some fun. M would have just ran over this bridge back and forth for an hour and been happy.

J was more intimidated by the 4200 school kids there on field trips. Keeping track of the two of them led to only two actual pictures.

My nephew Walter was baptized and Piper rocked a Minecraft/Holy Ghost analogy.

Both my kids love to pretend to be puppies. Normally I'm the unwilling subject of nuzzles and ruffs, but J crawled over to M, who was watching tv. He scratched behind her ears and just kept watching. I was dying at the cuteness. The future of sibling play is bright.

This is how my dad fits his truck into the itty bitty garage in the condo they bought. It amuses me.  Hey, it fits!


jeanene c said...

What fun! I love that you even have a photo of our truck!

Katie said...

I think i've said it before, but these posts with all the random pics might be my favorite ones. I love to see your world on an everyday scale.


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