Friday, January 2, 2015

J's frozen bday party

We made the invites and I even let J and her friend add glitter to them. I used a clear envelope so at least the openers had fair warning. One little girl loved the invite so much, she insisted that her mom hang it on the Christmas tree, thus validating the time I put into something that would just be thrown away

My favorite pinterest steal was the fleece scarves. Super easy and made a cheap party favor that wasn't more candy or cheap toys to throw away later.

Second favorite was the stained glass candy, even though you could probably shank someone with a sharp peice of it, the kids navigated it just fine without making their gums bleed. Even M mastered it without difficulty.

I bought little sticks on etsy and made rock candy. It was an obnoxious process and now I know the exact consistency of syrup. I'm so happy to have the blue jars off my counters. And the cello bags made for pretzels worked perfectly.

The first activity was making marshmallow snowmen.

I tried not to laugh as a few girls asked for a tenth marshmallow because they had eated the first 9 instead of building a snowman :)

It was fun to meet the Aurelia from preschool I had heard so much about. I can see why J is such friends with her.

We also played pin the nose on Olaf.

J liked being the one to spin her friends.

Then it was time for cake and presents!

SHe received two "Let It Go Wands" and kept them both, which really has helped with M's sharing problem. And there is always one for a little friend who is over to play.

Aunt Marcie made her the coolest mermaid tail sleeping bag that she insists on the sleeping in every night.

"A Giant Barbie!!"

"It's a frozen game!"

And from the daughter of one of my soul sisters, an engineering toy meant to help girls enjoy STEM activities.

Now I just have to wrap my head around having a 4 year old!


jeanene c said...

Grandma and I both loved all the photos! Thanks for posting! You are so creative!

Katie said...

I've said it before, you need to start a party planning business!

Todd said...

So, I somehow wandered into a strange conversation that I'd never expected. Apparently, not everyone in the world gives their children a party every year. Some only give their children like 3 birthday parties in their entire lives. I honestly don't mean to sound as judgemental as I must sound right now, but I didn't even know that such a situation was possible. Apparently, this is the result of parents really not liking to throw parties, and the cost of having others do it becomes prohibitive.

Like I said, I was shocked, because my mother did a party, every year, for each of us, and I knew that while they were always fun, they were never prohibitively expensive. It was, however, a (somewhat rare) chance to be the absolute center of attention for a day, and that made it very comforting for the impossible child that I was.

I see the stuff you do, sister, and I am wowed and impressed, as you always seem to take design concepts and step them up a notch. I, too, try to contribute to the parties for my little ones, if in a less polished fashion, and I'm grateful that I haven't found it to be an emotional or financial hardship. Kudos to you for the amazing parties you throw.

Daniel Quillen said...

These pictures all just make me smile!


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