Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Zoo

Cheryl the Great invited us to the zoo and we did some of the fun things we've never done before, like ride the train. M mostly enjoyed the camelbak and saying "Choo Choo!" over and over. I liked learning some new stuff about the animals.

And we rode the carousel. J got the hummingbird she had been eyeing the entire wait in line.

M is great at selfies.

We also got hooked up with a camel ride from one of my sister's former students manning the booth.

Now if only M hadn't discovered the stream at the bottom of the tree house play area. And if J hadn't disappeared from said play area only to be returned to her anxious mother by a kind Samaritan. And if we hadn't had to retrace our steps looking for J's lost shoe. And we'll forget about the tantrums by both upon leaving. Then we might have had a perfect day. But since I didn't take pictures of the bad, we'll just remember the good parts!

1 comment:

jeanene c said...

Hey! Two family members on camels at almost the same time! On different continents even! Wow


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