Wednesday, December 31, 2014


On the way back from Utah we stopped in Vegas to visit Husband other grandmother, affectionately known as MorMor, since she was born in Denmark and that' is how you say mother's mother. She is J's oldermor or great-grandmother.

In poor lighting with a 1 year old that had been trapped in a car, this is as good a portrait as you can get.

Three generations :)

The kids much preferred the gardens outside the care facility. MorMor had said that the tires confused the other residents, but the kids knew exactly what do to with them.

Both kids loved this statue.

M thought the babies needed kisses.

J gave her the sweetest hug as we left. J's middle name is after Mormor's so I'm glad they enjoy each other.

We decided to stop for ice cream in Kingman and change best blow out diaper M had produced all year. The sweet ladies running the shop we very accommodating. The kids loved the giant ice cream cone out front and J wanted to take a picture with it.

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Daniel Quillen said...

Great pics, Geneva! In one of the pictures, MorMor looks for all the world like she has antlers! :-) What a cool MorMor!


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