Monday, June 9, 2014

M's 1st bday

We were doing an  M&M sort of theme and I was craving texas sheet cake. My friend Rachel has been testing recipes to use in a catering adventure and after trying 4 side by side, Pioneer Woman had the best one so that's what we had. It's fantastic and on her blog.

 I wanted more pageantry for his smash cake than just a square of divine texas sheet cake but  I didn't want to bother with baking a whole cake and texas sheet cake has to be done in a sheet pan. It's kind of part of the name.  My solution was to cut out large circles with a big cookie cutter and stack them. It ended up looking like a really fancy layer cake and was just perfect.

He didn't as over the top 1st bday as his sister, but we did add some fun.

The umbrella lights with the streamers turned out really cool.

 We invited our neighbor Harry and he brought his girlfriend Anita. She is so cute and delighted M by bringing him a pinwheel and a mylar balloon. A one year old's dream.

Here are the only other snapshots I took because there always seemed to be something else to be doing other than taking pictures. But here are a few for ya mum!

And here is the cake smash

M was spoiled by people bringing him presents. He didn't need anything, but he sure did enjoy all of his new toys.

Then he got tired of opening them and was happy to let his sister take over :)


Alicia W said...

What a lovely evening! And the stack cake sure does look fancy!

jeanene c said...

Wow. It's hard to believe he is one already! Time does fly! Looks like a wonderful party! Your grandma sure loves hanging out with my kids. I guess it was the blessing but she always gushes about how fun you all are. I have to agree and am excited to get back and enjoy parties with you all!

Katie said...

Looks like the perfect party. Well done! (And M is seriously cute!)


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