Thursday, June 5, 2014

8th Anniversary

Well we both remembered for the first time ever and actuall made plans to celebrate. Husband took the day off work and we had my aunt and uncle watch the kids all day while we played. We went to the temple together, then did what we call a double date, lunch and a movie, then dinner and a movie.

We picked up sammies from Lee's sandwiches. They are European and Asian sandwiches and have flavors and options for that demographic. I haven't seen honeydew or green tea ice cream very often outside of Japan, but you can get it here.

I also got a jackfruit smoothie with grass jelly because I had no idea what either was.

 I figured whipped cream, boba, and grass jelly were each 30 cents extra so they must be good. Jackfruit tastes like chirimoya to me and the grass jelly was sort of like jello bits on the bottom. Like boba, but jello squares. Delicious! The sandwiches were yummy too.

We watched Spiderman 1 and then went to see the sequel he theater. I was intrigued that every single handicapped parking space was full at 4:00pm. Then we were delighted to find it was still matinee pricing and saw that the clientele that appreciates a cheaper movie at 4 in the afternoon is not the same was those who enjoy an evening movie. The parking spaces made complete sense.

We hit up Blue Lemon for dinner and Husband had lovely steak tacos.

I had this lovely chicken dish. Well, it was lovely until I found a piece of metal wire in the middle of my bite. I am not normally phased by such things because it usually means I don't have to pay for my meal, but this scratched the roof of my mouth and the food didn't taste that great anyways.

Fortunately there was one of those fun Coke machines with 600 flavors to play with and The Sweet Tooth Fairy a couple doors down for yummy treats.

Even when there are hiccups in our plans, as long as I'm with this handsome guy, everything is grand. I'm so blessed to spend forever with him. And since the average marriage lasts 7 years, we already got them beat!


jeanene c said...

Looks like you had a great day! So glad he and you are part of our family, not to mention the munchkins...forever is looking to be a lot of fun.

Elena said...

Did you get your meal for free? If you swallowed said metal wire it could really mess you up. I'm glad you remembered and had a fun time!


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