Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Cupcakes

J asked to make cupcakes and who was I to deny a request for baked goods? She looked at the back of the box and told me exactly what we needed, even though she called the cup of oil another cup of water. She put in all the ingredients and is a champion egg cracker. She even counted out the number needed without any help from me. She helped me fill the liners with batter as well as frosted a few all by herself. Then we made little cupcake flags out of sticker paper because I can't seem to help myself. In my head they were going to be treats for an egg dyeing party that I didn't actually manage to do.

I frosted this one, in case you think my 3 year old is a frosting savant

She had a fun time putting the flags in. And taking them out. And putting them back in. She is an art director in training :) No really though, she told me what color I should make the words and what color to make the background too. She insisted the frosting be yellow, after I picked a french butter cream specifically because it didn't have any yellow tinge. And because the light fluffiness is to die for. Totally worth pouring boiling syrup into a running mixer, despite the fear of splatter burns I get each time I make it.

I had them all on the cooling rack, but she decided they needed to be lined up on the stove and moved them one by one when I wasn't paying attention.


Katie said...

You really do have such a great eye. If she is learning it from you, she will be lucky!

jeanene c said...

No denying she has the eye for design too. (like her Mom, and PopPop) It is going to be fun when she gets in school and corrects the teacher. I remember doing that a few times myself.

Alicia W said...

A future chef in training, J is!


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