Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gerald B.

My dear grandpa passed away recently and I had the privilege of writing his obituary. It ended up getting edited a bit for length (they are so expensive! This one would have been around $350-$400 with a picture), but I figured I'd post it here anyways. I redacted the names for privacy. I will miss the quiet strength and gentle smile he always brought to our family.

B, Gerald Keith  87, passed away with family by his side on November 15, 2013. Born on the family farm in Logan County, Kansas on January 11, 1926, Gerald developed early a work ethic that would become his legacy. Later he moved with his family to Nibley, UT and continued his education at Utah State University where he studied air conditioning and refrigeration. It was there he met Geniel Lowe, who would become his wife and companion for 62 beautiful years. Gerald's was a life full of service. He honorably served his country in the army and his church as a missionary. He dedicated many hours as a leader of the Boy Scouts and loved the outdoors. His greatest joy came from serving both his faith and his family. He will be missed by his children: J and R C, B and D Q, G and P B, S B, J B, J and C B, D and E B, B B, D B, V B, D and J R. His genuine smile and constant cheerfulness will be remembered by his 31 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

There is so much more I could write, but don't know where to even start. Here are some pictures of the handsome fellow he was.

This is from his time in the military where he served as a communications technician. He told me once about being down in a deep hole doing some electrical work, in Japan I think, when he touched some wrong wires. He was electrocuted 10 feet out of the hole and shook it off, and kept on working like only a 19 year old can.

My oldest brother mentioned how this could be straight out of an Abercrombie ad

I didn't know about his love of horses until his funeral.

I think dashing is the best word for this next one.

(I saw this next picture of my mom on the right and thought it could have been in my baby book. Now I see bits of J in there too)

It was so fun to see how much my cousins look like my aunts and uncles. The genetics are so strong when you adjust for age. The same thing goes for my uncles looking like Grandpa. In this picture, Grandpa looks like my uncles do now.

Can we just take a moment to enjoy my dad's tie?

He was the perfect blend of class and kindness. Here is one that best better fits my memories of him. The little hooligan is me, even though I had the same untameable hair J has and look like a very nice little boy. But oh what fun we had!

He will be missed greatly!


Mom said...

This is Aunt B and I just wanted to thank you for your sweet post. I loved how it was the perfect ending of a bittersweet weekend of family time celebrating the life and loving legacy of this good man. I love you lots, my precious girl!

Braden said...

Wow, you guys do have strong genes. I would have believed that your grandma's wedding photo was you.

jeanene c said...

Thank you so much for all your work, writing the obituary, and everything else. You kids are continuing this wonderful legacy! The photos are amazing. thank you So So So much. Love you to pieces.

Katie said...

I love that you got to write the obituary. I loved reading the longer version, though the short one was perfect too.


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