Thursday, November 7, 2013

Celebrate Mesa

As much as a bemoan living in Mesa, it really is a pretty great city. They had a big festival in the park near my house a couple weeks ago aptly named Celebrate Mesa. It looked like fun so we dressed up the kids and grabbed one of J's favorite friends. (J is better behaved when Ella is there so we invited Ella and her brother Ben. Their added enthusiasm made the whole experience even more fun than it would have been. In this case, four kids was easier than two.)

 Several of the museums and departments in the city had carnival booths for the kids to trick or treat at and then there were inflatables all over

Ben met another Spiderman

They had a bunch of teens with boxes of pre-made balloon animals and also took requests. I thought that was well thought out.

Ben had a great throwing arm.

My fearless little girl was happy to climb up and slide down.

They all enjoyed the obstacle course, Spidey flew through it.

 All I really saw of J was a puff of tulle here and there.

 The coolest thing to me was the hot air balloon. They were doing rides just up and down for $2 a person. I would have been all over that if the line wasn't humongous. 4 kids wouldn't have handled the wait well, but seriously, what a cool activity.

They had fun riding the little train. Can you spot my little tulle puff?

I was waiting in line with M for the horse back rides while they rode the train. J rode all by herself.

I'm so happy I live somewhere that hosts such fun activities like this!

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jeanene c said...

It brings me joy that you go to aunt Mona's parties. I know she cherishes your visits. I adore seeing J on horseback. Makes me feel there is part of me in her. You are a wonderful mom to put out the effort to get your kids to these activities. I remember how tired I was at this stage, and how hard it was to get to real obligations let alone optional events. Great Job!


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