Monday, September 30, 2013

N's 4th Bday

October? When did it get to be October? I went to Chicago (or as J calls is "avocago") for a week and now I'm blogging stuff from August. I suppose I could post every day or something and try to go through September, but I value naps too much.

Anyways, my dear sister-in-law mailed us an invite to N's 4th bday, mostly as a sweet gesture because it was short notice and in Tucson. Well an impromptu road trip never stopped Big Sis and I from an adventure, so we piled in her truck and headed down for the evening with our 4 children.

 It's a good thing they love each other, most of the time. Especially when they have a whole new arsenal of books to peruse while their cousins are sleeping.

Here is our gorgeous birthday girl.

She had a fabulous water obstacle course set up in her backyard.

Whoever invented this shaded wading pool was a genius.

My nieces are so beautiful!

Even if they are a bit grumpy sometimes.

The nephew is a stud as well as his momma

Or course my child enjoyed watching from the sidelines in her chariot.

So her cousin decided to pull her tail a bit, just to liven things up.

She was eventually coaxed into hanging out by her uncle.

 The uncle who also spent a portion of his youth developing a skill with balloon tying.

Swords were the shape of the day and the munchkins quickly turned on each other.

This pose is brought to you by the power of He-Man, Greyskull, and Netflix.

 And in case you wondered, M was there too!


Marilyn said...

This last picture of you looks great!

jeanene c said...

Oh what fun you had. Thank you so very much for the photos and the stories. We sure do love every one of you!

Elena said...

I love the He-man pose! And I agree with Marilyn, you look really beautiful in the last picture

Alicia W said...

Great times!


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