Monday, September 3, 2012

Inaugural Maidename Family Reunion

With the impending departure of my parents to Malaga Spain (put off AGAIN, now it is December date), a reunion was planned and executed to include each of my blood siblings and all of the grandchildren. You can only imagine the hilarity and hijinx that ensued.

Camping was the main vacation of the young Maidename family since it was the most cost efficient. Being the 4th of 5 children, I didn't have many lucid memories of the numerous camping trips and often complained with my younger sister about our lack of family experiences. Something about five kids in 8 years meant we didn't get to go to all of the community events at the library and those sort of things my older siblings remembered. Can't imagine how my mom might be tired and unable to schlep the herd around as often. Then when I was in high school my parents took just just Lil' Sis and I to England with them.

We stopped complaining.

Our siblings began to.

Anyways, here is some lovely evidence of the reunion exploits, broken up over the next few days to prevent total picture overload. And since the area was gorgeous, these pics have absolutely no editing. Because it was gorgeous, not because I am lazy.

This is Upper Canyon Creek. And since my brother had somewhat creative directions, most had trouble finding it and set up in the dark. Thankfully there was a nice break in the rain to do so. The Big Sis's family surprised everyone by coming in at 1am and slept in her truck with it's new camper shell on top of a wrestling mat. I felt bad for the poor campers next to us, you know, since the Maidenames are known for being so quiet.

It was worth all the adventure though. Check out the scenery.

There were many great sticks to find, including this homemade arrow left by another group.

It wasn't as entertaining as our hand washing station though.

Or as cool as a new pair of boots

Or as awesome as grandma

Or as fun as grandpa (who has decided he has used the same smile for the last 20 years and now wants to reform his image)

When J wasn't playing with sticks or the water spigot, she discovered a new love for squeeze butter, something I hadn't seen since the last family camping trip when I was 8. Lil' Sis checked the expiration date just to be on the safe side...

Another set of relics from the Maidename camping bin was our camping cups! I'm still bitter my older brother had the awesome Carl's Junior mug as his cup while I had the exact same one red one as Lil' Sis. Hers became a tribute to the gods of bacon fat this trip and was lamented properly. The sacrifices we make for the bacon gods' good favor.

Look at these smiles. These are bacon smiles.

Bacon can even have a celestial effect, providing halos while I practice some back lighting pictures.

Nailed it!

The Maidenames have also picked some terrific spouses. Including spouses who use acetylene torches to start fires.

This doesn't happen at your family reunions?


Marilyn said...

Looks like so much fun! That's too bad about the Spain delay. I bet it was nice having everyone in town for this. Makes me want to go camping again!

jeanene c said...

I love the photos. I am even in one, that is fun. I am so glad for all my kids and that they are such good photographers!

Alicia W said...

Nailed it! I love that phrase. And all the pictures.

Elena said...

Ah I love you guys! And now I'm missing you again. I'll just reflect on all of the fun we had while I browse the internet instead of unpacking.


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