Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping Entertainment

 There is the always fun playing with knives.

The fun before you fall our of the hammock.

Or you can play in the dirt.

You can always fight of over the push car roller coaster until the near fatalities lead to its retirement.

Or you can play in the dirt some more.

Or you can play in the pop up house that sits atop the wrestling mat.

Until the toddle evicts you, of course.

Or you can play in the dirt some more.


Marilyn said...

Man o man! That kid was dirty! I love being able to keep things simple when camping.

Elena said...

I think he was thinking, "I'm gonna give you a puppy kiss!" Good think your lens had zoom or you might have had a dirty face too.

jeanene c said...

Clasic! Thanks for taking such darling photos!

Alicia W said...

That was a fun trip. And camping is all about getting dirty and no one stops you. Little boy heaven. Oh! This just made me want a boy. But only camping. Not in my house. It's starting to look nice, so maybe another girl. Wow. I'm rambly and choppy in my sentences. I need ice cream.


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