Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Camping Maternity Shoot

Ok, the last Reunion post. And it's awesome. One pose led to another until we decided it would be hilarious to take some overly artsy maternity pics of my gravid sister in all of her camping glory. When I showed Big Sis how they turned out, she said I needed to add a fake logo too. I'm pretty sure no one will find them as hilarious as I do, but please, enjoy them.

So soft and dreamy, she loves every minute of being pregnant.

After lamenting on how she didn't have much of a belly to show, my sister in law came to give her some pointers on how anyone can make themselves look pregnant.

The modeling tips helped, and while the shoot was done in jest (or gest, ha!), I rather like this one.

Of course the sibling needed a shot.

Then cousin decided to photobomb.

P.S. Big Sis was afraid we'd offend someone by posting these. For the record, we love maternity sessions in real life. We were just having a little bit of fun and I will probably make her do another for reals when she is dolled up and not camping.


jeanene c said...

I love the photos and I may be biased but I think she looks great au natural.

Alicia W said...

They really do look amazing. Ha ha ha. Okay, let's do a real one. Maybe. If I can keep a straight face. :)

Holly Decker said...

the best is 'anyone can look pregnant if they try'... LOVE THAT. thanks :)

Marilyn said...

You guys are hilarious!

Elena said...

I'm pretty sure some of those poses were stolen from Kdramas. For reals, the 7th from the top came straight from Playful Kiss, they were even camping :)

And Wes, face as he photo bombed was awesome.

Geevz said...

I really love that last photo. My age shows. I think B&W are almost more striking than color. Then add the touches of color and they are amazing.


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