Monday, April 23, 2012

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Confession: we own no baskets in my house and I have no desire to store any.

Problem: J is going on an easter egg hunt

Solution: J has an obsession with purses.

We practiced collecting empty eggs during the week so she'd get the idea. Since this is what an Easter egg hunt looks like in the desert climate, my green grass obsession starts looking more reasonable.

The swings were more fun than collecting eggs

Until the discovery that the eggs had goodies inside them

Cascarones here hidden as well. One was unfortunate enough to meet its demise inside my purse.

They are totally making the same face

Our lovely friends waiting for the eggs to be hidden

Then after the spoils

An all around exciting time


jeanene c said...

So fun!!! John has to claim her. That face was an exact copy. I think she should have the basket you had growing up. Win win.

Katie said...

Ali had that exact dress when she was J's size! Ah, the memories:)


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