Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Dinner

So the Wednesday before, I decided to host Easter dinner for the Husband's side of the family. A little last minute, but that's how we roll over here. And the Husband's side is also good for a pot luck. The major motivation?

My lawn.

Stupid eh? I planted a winter lawn for J's bday party and was very sad to see my investment turn brown in January instead of the lush verdant paradise promised to me from October to April. Everywhere the dog peed became a small jungle so I started thinking maybe we need a bit more nitrogen. My octogenarian neighbor Betty confirmed my thinking and recommended some fertilizer. I was thrilled to see the lawn green up and become the perfect backdrop for an Easter egg hunt. 

I had also tried my hand at growing wheat grass after seeing designmom post beautiful pictures of it each year. Dude, it's food storage wheat. Soaked and planted in soil. I thought it was this amazing smoothie shop mystery this entire time. I went a little overboard and planted tons of it. Hosting Easter gave me an excuse to use it as a centerpiece.

As I'm writing this I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with grass. At least it's not weed eh?

Here is a prime example of how one thing leads to another in my party planning.

My thought process: I need seating for 20 people so I'll put the banquet tables all together. Oh I can use the table cloth from Julie's wedding since it is extra long!

These flowers at Bashas are in the clearance section for $3 so I might as well get them.

Yay! The wheat grass grew! What should I put in it though? Plastic eggs would look too plain. Oh! I can do those cookie pop things! I saw this icing idea I wanted to try awhile back too.

And if I put them in cello bags they can be favors! 

And look how cute those monogram easter eggs look on pinterest! I can do that with my silhouette. 

But since everyone in Husband's family begins with J, I'll need place cards. And since I am already playing with my silhouette...and here I always saw pretty place cards and thought they were a colossal waste of time (I still pretty much do). Oh I'll borrow the napkins from my parents when I pick up the chairs and then tie them on with a ribbon!

I don't have any egg cups to put the pretty eggs in. Hmm. There was this tutorial on pinterest from better homes and gardens. Mine didn't quite turn out like that. Nests are supposed to be messy though, right? I'm so glad I picked yellow plates when we got married. They make everything fun. And since I store the set of white plates from my parents I can just alternate.

And really, it's all about the food.

And the family

 And I couldn't choose a favorite of these


Elena said...

Me and Jessica have the same hair right now :) Seriously though your blog is starting to look all super fancy like the ones you read. You're so cool. I love and miss you lots and lots!

Jackijo said...

It was beautiful and delicious and so nice to be together. Thank you!

Alicia W said...

I'm going to have to pin your table scape on pinterest for inspiration. You've become one of those. And ironically I hosted Easter Dinner for the Wachs! My food was delicious and easy clean-up. Isn't that as important as beautiful? Love you! And is the wheat grass tasty?

Alicia W said...

We looked at your blog and when Ellie saw your table, she said, "Look!! My birthday is almost ready!". I'll really need your help.


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