Monday, December 19, 2011


Sushi is one of those dishes you have to eat multiple times to actually enjoy. The first encounter, you close your eyes and try not to think about the raw factor. The second encounter, you convince yourself it's awesome to eat raw fish and seaweed. The 3rd time you actually taste it enough to enjoy it, although you are distracted trying to figure out if you should eat it in multiple bits or go full on hamster cheeks.

Like depicted in anime cartoons, Japanese people fully embrace the squirrel cheeks.

I love me some sushi, but it is mighty expensive. Usually, Husband and I save our pennies for this amazing restaurant Orient Sushi and Grill where you pay $20 a person and have all you can eat sushi, appetizers, and entrees. And it's a normal restaurant, not a buffet. We grab another couple for food division purposes and go to town. Last time, for kicks, we calculated the amount we actually ate and it was around $150. Sushi is expensive.Even $20 a person is a bit much for us to indulge in.

So inspired by my friend Camille, I decided to try making my own. Fresh and Easy was the best place to find the ingredients. The sushi rolling mat I picked up at the hyakuen shop in Seattle. Hyakuens are pretty much my favorite thing ever.

I should also mention I was ridiculously excited to use the sushi platter I painted at job at As You Wish  for it's proper purpose.

The easy ingredients

Ready to Roll

Complete with the picked ginger and wasabi (you doin't like those until maybe your 10th encounter)

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Lauren said...

Wow who makes Sushi from scratch?! You are my hero. That's awesome.


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