Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cinch bags

A friend loved the fabric I reupholstered this chair in and I told her I still had some scraps if she wanted them. She said she wanted to make some bags for her girls to bring their church things in and it would be perfect. Well I took so long and kept forgetting to give her the fabric so I just sewed them up for her using this tutorial. I added a felt monogram, but afterward regretted the font choice since it doesn't stand out very well. Ah well. They really only take 10 minutes start to finish after the 20 minute "figuring it out" period.

1 comment:

Merkley Jiating said...

Really cute! I am sure they would take me hours though.

Sam and I are about the same height. He is a tiny bit taller than me but he slouches so I look taller most of the time. I was bending my knees in all of our wedding pictures and he was so angry.


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