Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Night Shots

 Alas, this is the end of the Havasupi posts. But these are some of my favorites because I would never be able to take them with a point and shoot camera. Don't be fooled, the giant ball of light is not the sun, but a great big full moon. Seriously people, 2nd week of October is THE time to hike Havasupi. Oh and all the little white spots are stars.

This one is my favorite

This one was a happy accident and also makes it on the favorite list

red light on my headlamp

I love the prickly pear in this one

A few key to night shots if you want to give them a try :

1) Long exposure (some were 2 secs others 10sec)
2) Stable surface (rocks, bridges, branches propped up the camera)
3) Timer (pressing the shutter button shakes it too much)


MCS said...

...the big yellow one is the sun.

birdfam said...

these are awesome!

Elena said...

I feel like that would be a great place to shoot a suspenseful/scary movie. Or at least those photos make it seem like it would.

Jackijo said...

I think I would have enjoyed reading "Dracula" in that setting and shivering a bit as I imagined the quiet sound of bat wings in the moonlight. . .

ACW said...

Oh hello , Ansel. ( Adams, not zoolander). This is the havasupi i remember because we hiked in and out through the night. Gorgeous.

jeanene c said...

The collaboration on the night photos was one of the fun parts of this trip for me. They sure turned out wonderful.

Katie said...

Wow! They have a great pre-Halloween spookiness to them:)


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