Saturday, October 1, 2011

Experience Music Project

and Science Fiction Museum is the official title. Not worth the regular price of $18 unless you are a hardcore Nirvana fan or have some teens obsessed with music, but totally worth our $3/person with the magic microsoft card. It gets major points for having the coolest shaped building ever.

There was this awesome paper rocker hand at the front desk that I asked to look at. The very nice, furry bearded young man told me I could have it. Then he said told me to wait a minute and returned with tons of free Nirvana pins and stickers. Since I had no use for them, I distributed them to others through the museum. A trio of sweet Japanese girls gave me the wide-eyed,  "O" mouth face when I gave them a handful. If there is any sub group who can enjoy little round Nirvana pins, it is Japanese teenage girls. I was just stoked to have the paper hand as a photo prop with my kid.

 They had a massive Battlestar Gallactica exhibit we had lots of fun with. This flow chart would have really helped me as Husband worked his way through all of the seasons.

This instrument sculpture was amazing

They had tons of little booths where you could learn to play instruments. They even had a sound studio where you could record onstage, but they said J's ears wouldn't be able to handle it.

They had this really cool Avatar exhibit too

The lighting made you into a Navi

He makes blue skin look gooood

Again, babies are excellent props. She's chillin' out in Navi size shoes


jeanene c said...

J makes everything else look good you mean

lindsay said...

looks way fun, and your hairdo is so cute!

Elena said...

Ah the microsoft magic card, makes so many things worth it :)


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