Monday, October 17, 2011


Greetings and Salutations Readers!

We backpacked through Havasupi this last week and it was fantastic. I hadn't backpacked since I was a teenager and I have to say I rather enjoy it. My mom and pop planned the whole shindig and we were accompanied by some of my stellar cousins. Backpacking is a a delicate balance of comfort and weight and I indulged in bringing my fancy camera. I think the pictures were worth the extra pounds, but you can be the judge over the next few posts. But since it was packed away nice and tight, I didn't get any shots until we made camp so we'll start this series of posts there.

If you've never been, you hike into this canyon and it looks all deserty.


Then it starts to get greener and greener



Then you hit the camp where there are random horse creatures just hanging out,

and you see the turquoise streams dividing campsites,

with pretty wild flowers everywhere,

 And a fresh water stream providing you with all the water you can drink ( no purification required)

 and then you realize this is definitely a place worth staying awhile.

Since this is the campground, you can imagine how beautiful the falls are.


Lauren said...

Okay I just told Aaron this is my new dream... I want to camp there!!! It looks gorgeous!

Jackijo said...

I think that pretty flower looks like a Sacred Datura which if eaten is hallucinogenic.

Elena said...

Worth the weight!


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